Do the NanoHop: It’s not too late!

This #NanoHop is all over Twitter right now. I googled around, but couldn’t find the list everyone was tweeting about. Finally, I found the original link. To Raimey Gallant and her official Nanohop list. Ive gotten a tremendous amount of followers in a few short hours and I’m not even on the list. 

Just open the doc, find the social media you want to promote and start following people on the list. It’s that easy. You’ll have better luck on some sources, and some might end up more difficult. Here’s the social media on the list, and how easy I believe it might be to get in on the action.

Twitter –  keobooks  very easy! Nearly everyone I followed followed me back almost immediately. Raimey retweeted my announcement that I was hopping even though I wasn’t on the official list. That helped a lot. I am posting my progress on the list, along with some shout outs every few hours so that my name comes up and people see me. 

Facebook Page – Kyle Overstreet Schenetzke  I can’t think of a polite, easy and free way to get people to follow back my pages. So done suggested I buy ad space. Yes, I understand how marketing works. But right now, I’m saving this for last. I’m getting so many followers from Twitter, and I’m sure I’ll get them from the other media much more easily. Facebook can wait. If anyone has any free ideas, let me know.

Blog – Kyle Overstreet WordPress will be very easy. It’s so easy to link back to followers. Just be sure to make your writing page your main page. I’m not sure about non WordPress sights yet. It may involve me adding my links or something. I’ll update when I know for sure.

GoodReads – Kewpie Doll Very easy. It’s all internal, so they can just follow you when they mass follow all the other hoppers.

Pinterest – KEOBooks Another easy one. I have thousands of followers already, and I don’t do a thing to lure them in. I guess my pages rock or something.

Intsagram – This will be easy. I don’t know if I want anyone following my account. I only use it to post #Abryssrium screenshots. Very relaxing clicker game. I can’t figure out what my account path is. You don’t want to see my instagram anyway.

Tumblr – keobooks  Another easy one. And if I only get 2 followers, I’ll double my number of friends followers. I fail at Tumblr.

Wattpad – Should be easy. I don’t use Wattpad, except to read Scott Westerfeld and Margaret Atwood. Maybe if I had followers, I’d post something. Maybe I’m too old to really get into it.

Snapchat – I am officially too stupid to work Snapchat. So I’m out of luck. Let me know how it goes for you.

Scribophile  keobooksEasy. Here’s me neglecting my critique duties and slacking off like a slob. Uhh oops.

YouTube – Super easy. I don’t post to YouTube. My daughter took over my account and posts love letters to Stampy Cat and the Diamond Mine Cart. I don’t want people associating me with her lolspeak.

Google+ – Easy for both of the people in the world who actually use it. People use this?

Scriggler – I don’t have time to Google right now. WTF is Scriggler?

Good luck, fellow latecomers to #NanoHop. I hope it works for you.




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