Nanohop latecomer day 2

I’ve been following the #NanoHop even though I’m not on the list. I thought I’d update and let you know how it’s going.


Twitter –  keobooks  Finished A – E I’ve had the best results here. I’ve gained 120 followers. I’ve had conversations with several authors, retweeted their posts and they retweet mine. I’ve had an account for several years. I’m using it to communicate for he first time. A+ experience.

Facebook Page – Kyle Overstreet Schenetzke  Finished A – E One person managed to find my author page. I got two friend requests. I don’t want my Facebook user page to have authors on it unless we are real friends. I post political stuff and lots of family personal stuff. I’m trying to steer these two people over to my author page, but they haven’t responded. I’ve introduced myself and pointed to my own author page, but only if they posted about the nanohop. Otherwise, I leave them alone. D Experience.

Blog – Kyle Overstreet Tried 3 blogs. Gave up for now. Signing up to all those blogs and getting all that mail is not appealing. WordPress spoiled me. I like the reader where you can just follow people with a standardized button. Figuring out where everyone put their follow button was an Easter Egg hunt from Hell — even with the directions. I’ll do a few blogs a day. But I’m not pushing it. F experience.

GoodReads – Kewpie Doll A – Deborah Goodreads stopped me before I could make it to E. it was nice and painless. I think I got a few followers. I’m very proud of my Goodreads page. I used to post on a regular basis for over three years when I wrote YA book reviews for work. I haven’t done anything in the last few years, but I have over a thousand books ranked there. Many have reviews. I didn’t realize I read that much back then. B experience.

Pinterest – KEOBooks A – E Another easy one. I can’t tell if my activity increased. I’ve gotten a bunch of followers, but that might be coincidence. A experience 

Intsagram – A – E Mostly easy. I’m peeved at the way Instagram and iOS Google work together. I’d open the link in Google. It would automatically open Instagram. Then it would open Safari. Sometimes it would take a minute to load. I have no idea why the app opened up and then opened up another app. C experience. I think I got a few followers.

Tumblr – keobooks  A – E Very easy. I love at Tumblr only had a few people on the hop. I got a chance to look at everyone’s feed while I was waiting for the follow button to appear. I found great stuff and I retweeted my favorite stuff. I can’t get any followers, but I’ll chalk it up to my Tumblr being cursed. 2 followers in four years? That’s pretty weak. B experience.

Wattpad – A – E Super easy. I am a lurker there, so I don’t care if I get followers. I want to read the hoppers stories. A experience.

Snapchat – Not doing itI seriously hate Snapchat. I could rant paragraphs about it. Snapchat and I are not on speaking terms. F- experience just for existing. 

Scribophile  keobooks – A – E Easy. And good to know I’m not the only karma slacker. Yay! A+ Experience 

YouTube – Not doing it. My six year old daughter posts awful embarrassing junk on there.  I might make a new account someday.

Google+ Not doing it. In the last seven years, I’ve used Google+ once. It was for a mooc. 

Scriggler – Not doing it  didn’t look it up. I looked up one account and  it didn’t do anything for me.

So that’s it! I’m amazed I got so many done and still did 2k words in a day. I also got my first paying gig for writing content. It’s for a family member, but still… I feel like a real writer today.




  1. BTW for the blogs I subscribed to 50 at a time, meaning 1-50, 51-101, if the person after the number on the list had a blog to sub to. Then I just checked all the emails at once at the end to confirm. It was still time consuming but it made it more manageable. Hope that helps!

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